Transcarpathian MPs from the Party of Regions left the party (statement)

MP from the Party of Regions Ivan Bushko officially announced about withdrawal from the ranks of the Party of Regions.

The announcement states:

Running for Parliament, we promised you to improve the quality of life, security and stability.   Unfortunately, the processes occurring today in the Party of Regions, do not give us the opportunity to fulfill the promise.

Even at the beginning of the political crisis, when hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were peacefully defending their civil rights and freedoms on the streets, we insisted on returning to the European vector of development and preventing bloodshed. But we were not heard. Events of the last three months have shown that unfortunately we have hopeless developments leading to civil war and the collapse of the state.

Due to the current situation, we, the people’s deputies of Ukraine from Transcarpathia declare our withdrawal from the Party of Regions. We urge all of our associates – Transcarpathian deputies of all levels – to follow our example. Remember that no political party is worth a human life.

People’s deputies of Ukraine:

Ivan Bushko

Mykhailo Lanyo

Vasyl Kovacs

Serhiy Moshak

Istvan Gajdos"

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