Transcarpathian Kostylivka won the grant, but can not realize it because of lack of funds in DSA

November 14 in Uzhgorod Press Club there was the press conference of Olga Smetaniuk, head of the village of Kostylivka (Rakhiv district). In January this year, the community of Kostylivka village (the only one in the whole region) won the National competition for the support of local governments and received a grant of UAH 225 000 titled "Energy saving, as a step towards sustainable community development." However, they still have not implemented it due to lack of funds in the DSA, which undertook to pay the portion of the project.
The project was aimed to illuminate all the streets of the village, because now only one of 16 streets is lit. The partner in the project was Rakhiv DSA, which was supposed (according to the official agreement) to provide funds in the amount of 103 637 UAH. However, to date no funds from the DSA have been received and the useful project is in jeopardy. 
Fortunately, after the dissemination of information about the situation in the media, the DSA chairman Dmytro Andriyuk personally telephoned the head of Kostylivka and promised to allocate funds on November 23 at a session of the District Council.
Olga Smetaniuk thanked those who responded to the problem of Kostylivka. 
"Dmytro Andriyuk called back yesterday and assured that the money will be allocated November 23 at a session of the District Council. So I think that the project will be implemented. It will increase the attractiveness of the village and the health of its residents that will not be breaking legs on dark streets" – Olga Smetaniuk said. 
According to her, the village community also submitted another project for the same competition: "If we do not implement the first project, then no one will believe that we could implement another one." The new project concerns the arrangement of 14 pavilions with the tourist information offices (Kostylivka is one of the "longest" villages of Transcarpathia, its length is 14 km). 

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