Transcarpathian environmentalists are still cleaning up spilled oil

Oil spill clean-up is continuing. The accident happened on July 19, 2012 between the villages of Ruske and Chopovtsi in Mukachevo district, Transcarpathian region as a result of unauthorized sampling of oil from the oil pipeline "Druzhba", – said the State Environmental Inspectorate in Transcarpathian region.

JSC "Ukrtransnafta" specialists are cleaning up the remains of contamination from the surface of the channel Polui. Contaminated soil with the remnants of vegetation is collected and sent for recycling to NGDU "Dolinanaftogaz" of JSC "Ukrnafta", water-oil mixture is taken out for cleaning to "Solochin" station ( Solochin, Svalyava district).

According to the laboratory tests results, water surface samples from the channel Polui and the river Stara, selected on 30.07.12, showed that coefficient of petroleum does not exceed the maximum allowable concentration for the water bodies of respective categories. State Environmental Inspectorate continues to monitor the progress of clean-up.

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