Transcarpathian customs officers rescued Nivea brand

"Beiersdorf" company expressed gratitude to Transcarpathian customs officers for rescuing Nivea brand from unscrupulous importers. The State Customs Service of Ukraine received a letter from the "Beiersdorf" representatives in Central / Eastern Europe and CIS countries. It expressed gratitude to the head of Chop Customs Alexander Pokhilko and the Chief of Intellectual Property Rights Protection Oleg Prysyazhny for coordinated and professional actions of customs officers, who prevented the importation of hazardous to human health personal care products into Ukraine.

Several months ago, the inspectors of Chop Customs check point "Vinogradov" suspended customs clearance of 13 tons of goods made by this brand. A religious organization was trying to import to Ukraine 32,000 bottles of shower gel «Nivea for MEN» and «Nivea Touch of Radiance» under the guise of humanitarian aid.

The grounds for suspension of customs clearance was the fact that the import of goods to Ukraine was carried out by the importer, who had not been included into the State Customs Service by the company "Beiersdorf" as an official importer of «Nivea» products.

A few days later the company representative arrived to Chop Customs and sampled the goods for examination. The test showed that the product had been produced exclusively for the United States and Canada markets and was not intended for importation into the territory of Europe. Moreover, it expired in June 2010.

After processing all the necessary documents the dangerous goods were exported from the territory of Ukraine, – informs Chop Customs press service.

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