Transcarpathian customs officers confiscated from a driver undeclared branded shoes from Italy (PHOTOS)

At the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, Transcarpathian customs officers, together with a working group of the Department for Counteracting Customs Offenses and Smuggling of the State Customs Service and border guards, found in one of the so-called "Italian" minibuses collectible shoes of well-known brands that the driver tried to import into Ukraine without paying custom duties
37-year-old resident of Brody district in Lviv region, driving a minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI with Ukrainian registration plates, arrived at the customs post "Tisa" of the State Customs Service. During the inspection in the "red corridor" he declared personal belongings. Orally, he confirmed that he did not have any other goods, including those subject to mandatory taxation. 
But when customs officers checked all travel bags, packages and boxes which were in a cargo compartment and salon of the minibus, they found undeclared 24 pairs of foreign-made women’s footwear and other goods.   
Thus, the customs officers drew up a report on violation of customs rules under Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. Currently, the seized products need additional expert evaluation. 
Transcarpathian customs of the State Customs Service 


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