Transcarpathian classic: fight against political opponents

On the night of 28 to 29 of April, in the city of Perechyn, a car Mazda 6, that belongs to the candidate for the head of Perechyn city local community from the party "Spravedlyvist" Vladislav Panin, was set on fire, the GalagovTV informs. The car burned down almost completely. Recall that the elections in Perechyn will take place this Sunday – April 30. The candidate links the incident with the campaign and the activities of Vladislav Panin and the party "Spravedlyvist".

"About two in the morning, my grandmother woke me up and said that my car was burning. When I went outside, I saw that the rear wheel was burning. Of course, I tried to extinguish the fire, but could not do it alone. The fire spread to the cabin and the car burned down – the candidate for the mayor of Perechyn Vladislav Panin said. – The police and fire inspectors arrived at the scene. In the morning, rescuers came back and said that the main version of the cause of the fire was short circuit in the wiring of the vehicle. Another version is arson. By the way, the police already took the car from the scene. It also looks a bit strange to me.

The Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional party organization of Valentin Nalyvaychenko’s political movement "Spravedlyvist" Volodymyr Chubirko, whose car, by the way, was also burnt in 2016, claims that their political opponents resort to outright criminal acts.

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