Transcarpathian Center “Under Control” warned the local parties about responsibility for corruption

Transcarpathian Civic Center, which is a part of the coalition of the nationwide civil initiative movement "Under Control" sent to political parties represented in the regional councils of Transcarpathian and Chernivtsi regions, as well as those having their representatives in Uzhgorod and Chernivtsi city councils letters-notifications of the beginning of the "Under Control" initiative activity. The letter declares the "Under Control" movement’s openness to cooperation with all political forces represented in the region in order to counteract and block corruption at the local level. The movement will be detecting and analyzing unfair conduct on the part of local government officials. In doing that, activists will be estimating the probability of local politicians’ involvement in corruption and disseminating relevant information only when such probability is high and based on actual data, published in reliable sources. The estimation will be based on previously published information in open public sources.
When providing information about the likely risks of corruption in the actions of officials and elected representatives of local self-government, the "Under Control" movement will be adhering to the principles of impartiality, balance, reliability, completeness and accuracy of the information disseminated.
The recorded violations will be reported to the NABU and the Prosecutor General’s Office demanding to bring local politicians to justice.
Letters were sent to political parties, regional councils, served representatives of parties personally with copies to email addresses of party branches

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