Transcarpathian border guards detained another seven Moldovians in three attempts

Last day border guards of Chop detachment stopped several attempts to illegally cross the border outside border crossing points.

In two cases in the area of ​​border service "Novoselytsia" five citizens of the Republic of Moldova, intending to illegally get to Slovakia, were arrested. In the first case, the guards stopped two Moldova citizens who were moving at night and did not carry any documents or identity.

In the second case, a trio of travelers who were detained in the morning, immediately confirmed their identities, giving border guards their documents.The third arrest was made by the staff of "Onokivtsi" border post.

At dawn border guards squad found two offenders who tried to climb over the barrage fence and get to Slovakia bypassing the checkpoint. But their journey ended 200 meters to the line of the state border. According to the detainees, they are citizens of the Republic of Moldova and at the moment of detention were not carrying any documents that could certify their identities. The men were going to one of the EU countries.

After detaining all offenders were taken to departments to clarify the circumstances and making administrative and procedural documents. Responsibility before the law and their futher fate will be determined by the court.
Source: Press Service of the Chop border guard detachment

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