Transcarpathian artists – to defenders of the Fatherland (PHOTOS)

The regional center of Transcarpathia already celebrates the Day of Artist. As of today, three exhibitions have been opened: in the Transcarpathian Art Museum, paintings and sculptures are exhibited, in the "Uzhgorod" gallery, a thematic exhibition dedicated to artists’ travels was opened, and in the Transcarpathian Regional Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, you can see graphics and works of fine and applied arts.

By the way, this year’s theme of the regional art exhibition is different from the previous years theme, it is called "Transcarpathian artists – to defenders of the Fatherland."

That’s because, for two days, artists will be helping with their art, as today the art fair started, the aim of which is to contribute to the promotion of Transcarpathian school of painting and to help the military, if not with weapons, then at least with brush. Half of the procceds from the auction (which takes place as part of the fair in the art museum) will go for the needs of the military.


As of today, the creative elite of Transcarpathia (at art auctions) have raised 171,000 UAH, and it is quite a lot (!). Today and tomorrow, you too have an opportunity to attend the charity fair and buy a painting. Thus, you will not only promote Transcarpathian art, but also contribute to the common cause to support our soldiers. The information on the amount raised will be made public immediately after the fair.

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