Transcarpathian Antimonopoly Committee to Uzhgorod dentists: stop lying!

Transcarpathian regional territorial office of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine instructed four Uzhgorod dental firms to stop spreading misleading information.

As the Office found out, dentist offices in Uzhgorod had placed "… dental clinic" signs on the facades of buildings.

However, the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine stipulates that clinics are health care facilities (hospitals, maternity homes, etc.) that are part of research institutions or subject to medical research institutions.

If consumers want to use a medical facility that provides medical services they would have to decide which institution to choose. Business reputation, cost and scope of services that can be provided and the qualification of personnel will be crucial in considering such decision.

Thus, the word "Clinic" on the sign can influence consumer intentions regarding the choice of the institution, as the terms "clinic" and "clinical" include, inter alia, the appropriate level of the organization and training of professionals working in this institution.

The entrepreneurs must inform the Office on their consideration of the recommendations within ten days.

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