Transcarpathiahas spent more than a billion to pay children’s benefits

During the seven months of this year, local budgets received taxes and duties (mandatory payments) in the amount of 841.3 million UAH which is 29 million more than that in the last year.

The general funds of local budgets in the region received taxes and duties (mandatory payments) in the amount of 643.7 million UAH, which is 4.5% more than planned.  Revenues of the special fund of local budgets amounted to 197.6 million UAH, which is 5.6% over the plan.  The regional budget received a grant from the state budget in the amount of 1 billion 754 million.

In particular, Transcarpathia received such subsidies:

– For payment of children’s benefits – 1 billion 61.7 million;
– For the purchase of medicines for emergency medical care and supplies for health care facilities – 2.9 million;
– For payment for electricity, natural gas, heat, water and sanitation and other purchases of solid and liquid stove fuel and liquefied gas, benefits for communication services, other benefits provided by law – 76.3 million;
– For the construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of communal streets and roads – 34.7 million.
Total expenditures of local budgets in January-July 2014 amounted to 3 billion 518.9 million.

 In the structure of expenditures of the regional budget general fund, the main share accounted for expenditures in socio-cultural sphere and social welfare – 95.4 percent. Thus, the share of expenditures on education amounted to 37.4% (1 billion 271.3 million), health care – 18.3% (621.4 million), social welfare and social security of the population – 35.4% (1 billion 202.9 million), culture and art, and physical education and sport – 3.8 and 0.6%, respectively (128.5 million and 19.7 million).

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