Transcarpathia may be left without geologists

The country does not need geologists. The only geologic exploration expedition in Transcarpathia is on the verge of extinction. 

As you know, the main resources of the state are the land ones. Transcarpathia is rich in minerals. In order to explore them 62 years ago in Beregovo a geological expedition was created. It was the only one in the country that served all the Transcarpathian region. During the period of its activity a lot was done. But today the expedition is on the verge of extinction.

There was time when geologists came to Beregovo from everywhere. The expedition was working at full capacity. Now the young professionals are very much needed, but the main problem is in financing. Drilling machines and other equipment of the expedition is obsolete. Chief geologist says that one such machine costs about a million dollars. And there is not even enough money to repair the old ones. Buildings of exploration expedition also need repair, both outside and inside.

Some rooms are empty at all – there is noone to work in there. Once in the laboratory sixteen chemists were conducting experiments. Now there is only one. Many experts have been laid off, others resigned themselves, because wages have not been paid scince May.

Now they are considering to wind up geologic expedition altogether. So 60 employees may be left out of work, and Transcarpathia – without geologists. Geologist says, that now there is no water in many settlements. If they had allocated funds for drilling, the water issue would have been closed. The fate of geologic expedition remains unknown, but Transcarpathians truly believe that it will continue working.


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