Transcarpathia is receiving a group of children from Luhansk region for Christmas holidays

On Tuesday (January 5th), a group of children coming from Stanytsia Luhanska district of Luhansk region will come to Uzhgorod. 

28 students will spend 10 days in Transcarpathia. The special program has been prepared which includes the celebration of Christmas, trips to Uzhgorod and Mukachevo castles, ice skating, a trip to the village of Kolochava, visiting various exhibitions, different master classes and so on. The students are coming at the personal invitation of Hennadiy Moskal, who was the head of Luhansk regional military-civilian administration from September 2014 to July 2015.

– Stanytsia Luhanska district is one of the three districts of Luhansk region that were affected by the war the most – H. Moskal says. – The district center is located on the boundary line and until the spring of the last year it had been suffering daily the attacks by insurgents with artillery, "Grad" and small arms. One of the Stanytsia Luhanska schools was razed by direct shell hits. Most local residents have never even traveled outside the district, let alone the region, therefore last year we organized trips of children to Western regions and abroad so that they could see what Western Ukraine and Europe is. And also tell about their experiences to families and friends. We will do everything to make children from Luhansk region like it here and want to come here again.

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