Transcarpathia is provided with more than 21 million hryvnia of subventions for the capital construction

The Cabinet of Ministers allocated 21,7 million hryvnia as subventions for the capital investment to our region. This was announced by the Head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Alexandr Ledyda at the press conference today, May 22. It is planned to continue the work on the completion of the Regional Hospital Surgery Center, a new building of the Neurosurgery and Neurology Center, the regional TB hospital, the gynecological Center in Pakhiv , schools in the village of Neresnytsia, Vyshkovo, etc.

It is also planned to distribute almost the same amount of money from remained available regional budgets’ funds at the regional council session.

We want to remind you, that 21 million hryvnia were provided by the government officials only for the stadium ‘Avangard’ reconstruction in Uzhgorod during Viktor Yanukovych Prime Minister’s term, and currently they give this amount of money on the whole region. However, from this money instead of reconstruction appeared the criminal case.  

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