Transcarpathia is preparing for the heating season

The decisions on the opening of the heating season are adopted by executive local governments based on temperature conditions. According to the rules, activation of thermal heating systems shall be done if within three days the average temperature does not exceed 8 degrees. This was discussed on September 28 during the regional conference call on the readiness of the economic sector and the public sector institutions of the region for the heating season, which took place in the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration.

The meeting was attended, in particular, by heads of district administrations, municipal executive committees, the relevant services of local authorities, structural subdivisions of the Regional State Administration, and heads of the "Zakarpathazˮ JSC and the "Zakarpathaz Zbutˮ LLC.

According to the Director of the Housing, Construction and Infrastructure Department of the RSA Eduard Malyar, the readiness of heat, road, water supply and sanitation and housing sectors for the autumn-winter period in the region is 92 to 95 percent. He drew the attention of the heads of local authorities to the need to complete work on preparation of the facilities for the heating season and submit reports of the state of preparedness to the State Inspectorate for Energy Control over Consumption of Electric and Thermal Energy in Transcarpathian region.


Public sector institutions and organizations should already begin the process of purchasing natural gas for 2017, taking into account the requirements of the Law "On public procurement". This was stressed by the director of the "Zakarpathaz Zbutˮ Victoria Tomynets. "The process must be started immediately, because the procedure requires an appropriate period of time. Pursuant to applicable law, the gas supplier will be able to supply natural gas to public sector consumers in January 2017 and futher only subject to contracts for the supply of natural gas", – V. Tomynets said. According to her, in Transcarpathia, there are 117 institutions and organizations that need to make such purchases.

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