Transcarpathia is a land of knights

May 17-19, in Transcarpathia there will be the second festival of medieval culture "Silver Tatosh." According to the organizer of the festival Yosyp Bartosh, they invited guests from Ukraine and abroad, particularly from Hungary and Slovakia. The organizers also expect the arrival of members of the Hungarian-Turkish Society, which have issued a book about the life of Ilona Zrinya who once visited the St. Miklos castle where the festival will take place.

According to Yuri Slavik, the organizer of the festival, it is highly possible that participants from Germany will join the celebrations. Currently, they are conducting the negotiations.  Overall, this year’s festival will feature active involvement of the audience in the events, the organizers say. Highlights of this year’s "Silver Tatosh" will be equestrian performances and expanded concert program, the organizer of the festival said.

Recall, last year, about 1,000 thousand guests attended the "Silver Tatosh." This year at St. Miklos they plan to have even more visitors.  

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