Transcarpathia intensifies the cooperation with Vysocina (PHOTOS)

Today, October 3, the head of the RSA Vasyl Hubal and the Transcarpathian Regional Council Chairman Ivan Baloha received a delegation from Vysocina region of the Czech Republic. European partners study the projects inplemented in cooperation of Vysocina and Transcarpathia.

Welcoming the guests, the head of the region said that the Transcarpathian Administration was ready for more active cooperation with Vysocina. "We have the same goal – to make Transcarpathians live better and feel that the government cares about them"Vasily Hubal said.

Transcarpathian Regional Council Chairman Ivan Baloha thanked the Czech partners for those projects where they help the region, said that the results were already very good and expressed his hope for even better ones – in the interests of the community of the region. 

The head of the region Vasyl Hubal addressed the Czech partners with ideas and suggestions. Thus, he stressed on the Transcarpathian problem – providing certain districts with drinking water (by the way, only 14% of the population of Transcarpathia have centralized water supply). And he asked the Czech party to consider this issue when planning their projects.


Member of the Czech delegation Josef Nedvěd made a proposal to extend cooperation between the regions on the ground – so that towns and villages conclude separate partnerships and develop projects between small settlements of Transcarpathia and Vysocina. The officials of both regions supported such intentions – local communities were offered contacts in the social and cultural spheres.

In conclusion, the Czech guests gave Transcarpathians the certificate for drugs that Transcarpathian government will distribute according to the needs of the region, the press service of the RSA informed.

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