Transcarpathia has the least number of people affected by HIV / AIDS in Ukraine

Transcarpathia has the lowest percentage of people infected with HIV / AIDS. Today, 272 people are registered in the regional center for prevention and control of AIDS. Centre specialists introduce new methods to combat the proliferation of the terrible disease.

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the head of the Regional State Administration Oleksandr Ledyda talked about that at the meeting with the head of the State Service of Ukraine on AIDS and other socially dangerous diseases control Tetiana Alexandrina and her deputy Olena Yeshchenko. The meeting was also attended by chief medic of the region Roman Shnitser and chief physician of the Transcarpathian Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS Ivan Mironyuk.


– Transcarpathian Regional Centre for Prevention and Control of AIDS is now the best center in Ukraine – said Tetiana Alexandrina – experience of its employees is very important for all physicians of the country, since the center is constantly introducing innovative methods in the system of AIDS control. We appreciate the achievements of the center and its management.

Therefore Transcarpathian Regional Centre for Prevention and Control of AIDS was chosen as the venue of the conference for chief doctors of similar institutions from other regions, international partners and NGOs who together try to solve the problem of HIV / AIDS in Ukraine.

Another important issue that was discussed during the meeting is the situation with TB in the region and construction of modern medical institutions for treatment of this diseases.

 – At this point we have considerable success – said Oleksander Ledyda. – In Tyachiv district we are building a new modern TB treatment center. This facility has good location – it will be far away from densely populated towns and villages, which reduces spread of the disease. Patients from across the region will be sent there. They will get better and modern treatment.

Source: Press center of the RSA 

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