Transcarpathia has been hit by the third flood wave: the number of flooded roads and residential buildings is increasing

Due to heavy rains, which have been going on in Transcarpathia for a week, water in the main water arteries has risen significantly, the region has been hit by the third  wave.
Hennadiy Moskal reports that the most threatening situation is in the lower reaches of the Borzhava in Irshava and Vynogradiv districts. In the morning, between the villages of Siltse and Vilkhivka, the river burst its banks and overflowed the road "Mukachevo – Rohatyn". Approximately 150 meters of road surface is flooded, the road is blocked, traffic is rerouted through Irshava – Dovhe – Lypetska Polyana and Khust. In the village of Vilkhivka, about 50 basements of residential houses are flooded, however, since the water in the Borzhava keeps rising, about a hundred more households are at risk of flooding. Since yesterday, mobile pumping stations have been working at the site, rescuers are reinforcing the dams with sandbags to minimize subsequent flooding.
Downstream, the Borzhava also reached the floodplain, greenhouse plots in Zarichchia and Velyki Komyaty in Vynogradiv district are flooded. On the left bank part of V.Komyaty, a threat of residential buildings flooding has arisen, so water management workers dug a dam on the right bank and let the water flow to the farmland. Today, at 11.00, the road Zarichchia – V.Komyaty was closed and will remain closed until the end of the day, traffic was rerouted through Beregovo and Vynogradiv, as well as through Irshava – Dovhe – Lypetska Polyana and Khust.
In total, over a thousand hectares of agricultural land in the region are flooded, 17 pumping stations are pumping out the water.
At night, the temperature throughout the region will decrease, ice will appear on the roads. The rain will continue for several hours and will end on Saturday night. The flood situation is under constant control of authorities and rescuers.

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