Transcarpathia “failed” the budget of 2013 (document)

The worst local budget execution in 13 years was recorded in Transcarpathia. In 2013, local treasuries of the region have been filled by 94.4%. Underperformance is 65,639,000 UAH. The regional budget has been performed by 95.9%, underperformance is almost 12 million hryvnias. The worst budget execution is in Uzhgorod, where the budget has been filled by 90%, the city treasury has received 21.637 million hryvnias under the plan. In terms of percentage, the worst situation is in Beregovo, where the budget has been fulfilled by 75.4%. In other cities of Transcarpathia the situation is not much better. In Chop, the budget is fulfilled by 84.3%, in Khust – 90.8%, in Mukachevo – 93%.

         Only in 5 districts of the region budget revenue plans have been exceeded last year – Volovets – 104.4%, Mukachevo – 101.9%, Khust – 101.5% Tyachiv – 101.3% and Rakhiv districts – 100.3%.

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