Trainings for formation of effective house owners union in Uzhgorod

Within the framework of the EU / UNDP project “House Owners Unions for Sustainable Energy Efficiency Solutions” (HOUSES) in Transcarpathian region, a number of trainings is being conducted for the newly established ACMHs: “ACMHs in Ukraine: legal status, procedure for estableshment and operation”, "ACMH Activities", and "ACMHs: Their Place in the Utilities Market".
One of those trainings – "Activities and Accounting in ACMH" – was held last week at Uzhgorod City Council. The training participants, representatives of the ACMHs established this year, learned about the basic principles of documenting the operations of an association of co-owners of multi-apartment houses, had the opportunity to receive answers to practical questions about accounting from the UNDP Regional Coordinator for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Transcarpathian region Lyubov Pavlovich, accountant of the ACMH "Our Home – Uzhgorod" Yaroslava Shcherba, the Secretary of the ACMH Directors’ Council Natalia Kyrylenko.

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