Traffic policemen will not yet fine for driving without enabled headlights at daytime

Today, March 11, during a briefing the Deputy Chief of the Traffic Police in Transcarpathian region Yuri Veykan thoroughly briefed journalists on changes to traffic rules that will take effect next Monday.

The first innovation is that in the period from October 1 to May 1 all motor vehicles outside the settlements must have daytime running lights, and in case of their absence in vehicle design, low beams, enabled.

According to the police colonel, this requirement is introduced to improve visibility on the roads, which in result will reduce the accident rate.

And until drivers get used to daytime driving with headlights switched on, during the first two weeks traffic police will not punish violators. Instead they will stop the cars, to warn of changes in the law. "This adaptation will continue until the end of the month. That’s how much time is enough for drivers to get used to switch the headlights. Although this term is not defined anywhere, but we will inform our inspectors on it" – Yu.Veykan said.

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