Traffic lights from the past – for the management of traffic in Uzhgorod we are lacking domestic product and road signs

Most of Uzhgorod traffic lights were made ​​in the days of the Soviet Union and outside Ukraine. This was announced to by the chief of Uzhgorod traffic police Alexey Spivak. "When it comes to the problems with the repair of traffic lights, not only money is needed, – says Alexey Spivak. – Problems arise from the fact that it is simply impossible to get some parts".

According to the main traffic policemen of the city, this problem must be solved systemically, but he does not deny the financial component either, "If we need to replace several bulbs, then you understand that the issue of lack of funds also remains open".

Alexey Spivak also says that money is not enough to fully support the city with road signs. Their last inventory, conducted in early spring, showed that the city lacks at least 300 such signs.

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