Traditions are “inexhaustible”, especially in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

They say: "What people say shows their way of thinking, and what people make with their own hands reveals their soul." Recently, Uzhgorod residents saw the "soul" of our region.

October 23 will go down in history and will be remembered by Transcarpathians for the unique event. It is a display (on models) of Transcarpathian folk costumes that are over a hundred years old.

Previously, visiting either the Transcarpathian Regional Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life or the Transcarpathian Ethnographic Museum, you could see these costumes on mannequins only. On this day, they "came to life" and "spoke". To be more accurate, the demonstration of the national costumes by twenty-two boys and girls was accompanied by informative commentary of the embroidery researcher Roman Pylyp and the head of the museum department, where the event actually took place, Vasyl Kotsan.

Pairs would come to the podium and slowly walk in circles on a background of old black and white photos. They showed traditional folk items from a different angle.   In other words, the first in the region demonstration of old costumes from all ethnographic regions of Transcarpathia on models took place. Our land can be conventionally divided into high mountains, foothills and plains areas (inhabited by Hutsuls, Boykos, Lemkos, Dolynyans…). Costumes, common to all of these areas, were demonstrated on stage. The audience learned that traditional folk costumes were decorated with specific embroidery.A large number of artistic monuments shows not only its popularity in the past, but also a high artistic culture of our people.

The public figure Vasyl Savchyn and the initiator of the event, activist and journalist Anastasia Nozhka wanted to recreate all the historical flavor of the region. But the idea could not have been realized without experts in this field, which is why the above mentioned Vasyl Kotsan and Roman Pylyp were engaged.

Student models were organized by Vira Fedoranych.

Before the show, which was the highlight of the whole evening, Roman Pylyp and Vasyl Kotsan held a short but informative lecture. Also on the second floor, the exhibition of centenary folk costumes and models of embroidery was officially opened.

As noted by one of the organizers Anastasia Nozhka, "This event raises in me a volcano of positive emotions that make me enjoy life. But the country is in trouble and any events would seem to be inappropriate. However, I think that now, more than ever, is the time to be together, to unite, to do something useful together, to promote our native Ukrainian culture, so that those, who have rejected from Ukraine, realize that they made ​​a big mistake… The current situation in the country is always in the heart of every patriot, so we decided to make the event free of charge, but charitable. The main goal, as we repeatedly informed through the media, was to raise money for soldiers. However, people are probably tired…"

During the show, they raised rather little (but the fundraising is still ongoing). The entire amount along with doves of peace and patriotic bracelets will be handed to Transcarpathian volunteers.

"The event, as planned, "revived" the most important thing that the land can inherit – Transcarpathian traditions. I would like to express my gratitude to the participants of the event, and many thanks to those who attended it. I hope it pleased everyone with its individuality and patriotic spirit. I am sure that traditions will continue to bring us together and unite us into a big friendly family" – Vasyl Savchyn summed up.

After and during the show, there was a lot of different kind of feedback.

Some thought that the lecture was too long, while others were eagerly waiting to take pictures of unique costumes during the show.

The hall was full. Viewers were praising and photographing elements of embroidery and costumes on models after the show.

The show gradually turned into a buffet: girls and boys, after the final joint demonstration, having made the last round, left… but came back with a traditional for Transcarpathian people house wine and black bread with salt pork, which they treated the guests with (including V.Savchyn).

The event received a nice, apt and valuable (especially for the organizers) praise from professor, historian, journalist Serhiy Fedaka, who, by the way, on that day published the poetry collection "Calendar Kaleidoscope." He said that "Inexhaustible traditions" was one of the most interesting events in the past five years.

Hopefully, this idea from now will become impetus for our museum and even turn into a tradition. Because each institution, which has such valuable things in the archives, must keep "up to date" and encourage young people to learn more about our region and our traditions with modern methods.


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