Townspeople will try to save “Uzhgorod” (Announcement)

On June 1, at 13:00, on Voloshin street, near the cinema "Uzhgorod", Uzhgorod activists will hold a flashmob to draw attention to the critical situation about the cinema. The most noticeable part of the flashmob is an outdoor exhibition of the research of Oleg Olashyn and Lina Degtyareva on the cinema building.


The city cinema "Uzhgorod", which until recently belonged to the community, and now is privately owned, is going through hard times. Desolation and decay have been followed by the threat of either reconstruction, or destruction. Disturbing reports of destruction of the valuable monument are coming daily. Appeals to the competent authorities remain unanswered.

The cinema building is a shining example of modernism and a monument architecture. It is valuable from different perspectives – architectural, because it is a monument of international level, and urban development, because it shapes the unique look of the street in the center of Uzhgorod.

Recall that on the second floor in the premises of the former cinema "Uzhgorod", loud demolition work has started.

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