Tourism with a scent of wine. Serednye sellars – a place for a tour of intoxicating Transcarpathia

Tourism can be different, and a tour can be accompanied by an intoxicating scent. However, this tourist place in Uzhgorod district will be interesting even to those who do not drink. Because wine cellars in Serednye are also a monument of history.

They stretch underground for more than 4 kilometers, have their own streets and alleys, and store not only wine barrels but also secrets. Local experts will be happy to take you on a tour in these ancient labyrinths. The first thing they will tell you is their origin: the cellars were dug in tuff (a rock of volcanic origin) by captured Turks in the XVI century and at first served as defensive shelter.

According to Larysa Bolshakova, the chief engineer of the agricultural company "Leanka" (this company has been operating in Serednye since 1946, and it owns the vineyards, as well as the cellars and other production facilities), these dungeons are ideal for wine keeping, because they have constant temperature and humidity. The microclimate inside is stable. Some streets in the caves were rented by private winemakers and named after them, and some parts of the cellars still hide secrets.     

Here, tourists can taste wine and also learn about the history of winemaking in the region, in particular, related to this place. After all, they say, wines from here were sent the to European monarchs, and in Soviet times – to secretaries general and astronauts. And although now "Leanka" only dreams of past successes and volumes of production (economical problems, systemic problems in agriculture and poor legislation regulating the wine sector have negative effects), they are still trying to preserve the history and keep hoping for revival. Meanwhile, they are waiting for everyone, who wants to feel the unique part of the history of Transcarpathia, which not only looks interesting, but also has a special scent and intoxicating taste… Serednye wine cellars are a legend that continues and, we believe, has not only past, but also future!

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