Tour route may become a country, region or city brand, as Uzhgorod coffee for example – Fedir Shandor

"Routes eventually become brands, for example, if we are interested in Hungarian bohrach, then we go to that area, where Hungarians live – this is by the country of origin, the route to Santa Claus in Finland is by the region of origin, Viennese coffee – no one saw it, but all go to Vienna to try it – this is by the city of origin. So, as you can see, city, region or country of origin of a tourist attraction can make the brand for the country," – said Vice Rector of UzhNU, Head of the Department of Tourism Fedir Shandor. In the great hall of the Regional State Administration building, which brought together leading Transcarpathian, Hungarian and Slovak experts in tourism, he gave a presentation on "Tourist routes as part of the tourism product of Transcarpathia."

In Transcarpathia many routes have been already laid, many more are scheduled. It is important that Transcarpathians living on these routes, supported their development, for the garbage that can be seen during the tour, is thrown not by the tourists, but by the residents of those areas – says the tourism expert.

"For example, the honey tourist route originates from Slovenia, then came to Ukraine and some time later to Transcarpathia – we have created our own route, and two years ago founded the Honey House in Mukachevo. By the way, recently the defensive lines route has been picking up popularity among military tourists, because the most numerous in our region are Russian tourists, due to lack of visa necessity and easy entry into Ukraine. For them these places are important, that is why they visit them more and more often," – continued the head of the Department of Tourism.

As for future plans, Fedir Shandor said, "In the future, we have the idea to unite existing routes in eight countries of the Carpathian region in order to increase the number of visitors, to develop facilities and infrastructure along the hiking trails, to conduct a variety of cultural activities in these areas and of course, to develop new routes."

By the way, September 22, in Uzhgorod, during the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the "Mustard seed" lane, the announced Coffee tourist route will be presented. The celebrations will begin at 12.00. Fedir Shandor will personally host the tasting of different varieties of exotic coffee at the Coffee tourist route presentation.

Source: Bulletin of the Tourist Information Centre in Transcarpathia

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