Top managers and owners of the most powerful enterprises met in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

A meeting of top managers and owners of the most powerful enterprises of the region, members of the business club "Z-20", which is an advisory body of the Federation of Employers of Transcarpathia, with representatives of regional authorities took place in Transcarpathia.  
"We came up with the idea to create an element of civil society led by top managers of enterprises, business owners. This is an expert opinion that we bring to people in power, and the government cannot ignore the opinion of companies that generate almost 85 percent of the region’s GDP. And this is very good, this effective communication platform identifies the business problems that exist in the region and seeks solutions to them. We are not pessimists, we see some progress and there are times when we see improvements. We will hope that we will make a big breakthrough from these improvements and create the same conditions for business that our colleagues have abroad, then we will be very competitive," – the Chairman of the Federation of Employers of Transcarpathia Volodymyr Panov said.  
The tasks of the effective platform of business interaction ("Z-20") were: to discuss the problems, achievements of business, and most importantly to develop a joint strategy for further action in order to give the economy of Transcarpathia a new impetus. Therefore, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration together with a team of managers was invited to the dialogue. Oleksiy Petrov said that he was ready to cooperate with business, because he understands that the economy of the region depends on the work of enterprises. Therefore, creating a positive climate for business is his main task. The key areas have already been outlined.  
As a result of the meeting, the parties outlined local problems, the solution of which is necessary to improve the business climate in the region. Oleksiy Petrov promised to fully assist in solving these problems, not only at the regional level, but also promised to lobby these issues in the Verkhovna Rada, because solving all these factors will help the region’s economy grow, because without a strong economy – there will be no strong country.  
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