Top 5 discussed reasons of terrorist attacks in Dnepropetrovsk

While the police are not sounding their version of events in Dnepropetrovsk, КP identified the most discussed causes in the online network.

Political. The aim, for example, may include: a desire to divert attention from Tymoshenko case, to give the reason for introduction of a state of emergency in the country, to disrupt the elections. Objections: the date of the elections is too far, the size is too small for the state of emergency, the city, which is the home to the former prime minister is unlikely to contribute to its oblivion.

Business. Objections – the connection of the bins with the following dozens of random victims with the murder of businessman Gennady Axelrod is difficult to detect.

Disruption of Euro-2012. Objection – how to explain the choice of the city in which it was decided not to hold the matches of the championship?

Criminal versions. The most common of them is a red herring, this version has not been proved by facts yet.

Tricks of the psychopath. So far this particular version is considered the most likely to be true. The senselessness of what happened speaks in its favour.

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