Tomorrow, there will be no water supply in the central part of the city and in the “Shakhta” neighbourhood

The Vodokanal of Uzhgorod informs that tomorrow (January 25th), from 9:00 to 18:00, the works for connection of the newly built water supply network to the existing networks will be carried out on Drugety and Shumna streets.

In connection with this, during the period of work performance, there will be no water supply in the central part of the city. Including Shumna, Elektrozavodska, Pankevich, Ayvazovsky, Nasypna, Maresyev, Nakhimov, Brodlakovich, Fedynets, Stoletov, Silvay, Fogorashiy, Bercheni, Bachinsky, Drugety, Timiryazev, Olbracht, Karmelyuk, Dobryansky, Ostrivna, Voloshin, Kapitulna, Zamkova, P. Myrny, Pidhirna, Korzo, Sobranetska streets and Koryatovich square.

In addition, on Ankudinov, Ruska, L. Ukrainka, Kotsyubinsky streets and, partly, on Mukachivska street and Petofi square water will be supplied at reduced pressure.

We recommend to stock up with water.

Water supply will be restored immediately upon completion of the work.

Requests to consumers:

  • after water supply is resumed run water through flush tanks for its speedier clarification;
  • do not use raw water until its full clarification.

Administration of the MU "Vodokanal of Uzhgorod"

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