Tomorrow, in Uzhgorod, doctors will comment on the mass poisoning in one of the city restaurants

Uzhgorod doctors responded to the news that 11 people had been poisoned in a restaurant in Uzhgorod.

According to media reports, it happened in the restaurant on Verkhovynska street. 11 people caught an acute intestinal infection.

Thus, the following information has come from the regional health department.

Tuesday, August 23, at 10.30, in the conference hall of the Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, there will be a briefing on the detection of acute intestinal infection in 11 visitors of a restaurant in Uzhgorod. 

The participants of the briefing: Mykhailo Polyak – the head physician of the Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, Victoria Tymchyk – the head of the department for epidemiological control (monitoring) of infectious diseases of the "Transcarpathian Regional Laboratory Center of the MoH of Ukraine."

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