Tomorrow at the session of the regional council there will be a lot of heated discussions: someone wants to “manage” the money

Today, May 16, members of the Presidium of the Regional Council (heads of standing committees and factions) coordinated the agenda and regulations of the tomorrow’s, 14th session. They analyzed the criticisms and suggestions of deputies to draft decisions made at meetings of the standing committees. 52 comments to 9 draft decisions concerned mainly fiscal matters, target, regional programs in housing, education, health care and environment fields, business, property and land issues, regulations.

Standing Committees introduced to the agenda a number of new issues.   Many deputies expressed their criticisms on the draft program of environmental activities for 2013. Under this program, the developer – the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the Regional State Administration – proposes to allocate funds exclusively for cleaning of rivers and channels. However, the project does not specify what objects nearly 2 million hryvnias will be allocated for.   The project of changes to the regional budget for 2013 also caused a lot of discussions. Thus, the budget lacks more than million hryvnias for the implementation of joint projects with the Czech Vysocina region – the repair of schools and kindergartens in the region. A number of proposals of Regional Council members to finance the repair of several educational and medical facilities of the region also have not been taken into account. Instead, the draft regional budget provides for allocation of communities’ funds for the maintenance of the objects, which are financed from the state budget.

Taking into account the amendments and proposals of the deputies, members of the presidium resolved to recommend the revised draft decisions for consideration at the 14th session to be held tomorrow, May 17.

Source: website of the Transcarpathian Regional Council.

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