Today, you have a chance to see the film of the famous Transcarpathian director about Holodomor (Announcement)

Today, November 26, the "First" (National Channel of Ukraine) will show Vyacheslav Bihun’s film "Her daily bread" to commemorate the Holodomor victims, the reported. The beginning of the show is at 15:10.

While baking bread, 95-year-old Lydia, a native of Kherson, who now lives in Tallinn, recalls her difficult youth: she reveals the secrets of her life and tells how she survived the greatest famine in Europe – the Holodomor.

The film was premiered in autumn 2015 in Estonia. Overall, the film was screened more than 10 times at film festivals in Estonia, Portugal, USA and Ukraine. The film is permanently screened at the National Museum "Memorial to Holodomor victims".

Overall, the movies of V. Bihun, originally from Transcarpathia, over the past three years have been screened more than one hundred times in 29 countries and as of October 2016, they have won 15 awards. Those are primarily such films as "Penalty of justice", "Mother. In the name of millions", "Her daily bread", "Passion", "Letter to Tarkovsky", "Shevchenko lives. Lesya’s confessions" and "Nearest to God".

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