Today, Ukrainian soldiers, who participated in the ATO and are undergoing rehabilitation in Hungary, were received at the Embassy

"Today, we had the privilege to receive at the Embassy Ukrainian soldiers, who participated in the struggle against Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and are now undergoing rehabilitation in Hungary.

The rehabilitation in the city of Hajdúszoboszlö was organized by the Embassy for the third time in cooperation with the Hungarian businessman Miklos Inancsi, within the framework of the project "Warm the Soul". Last year, another group was invited to the city of Pecs, with the support of Hungarian businessman Zoltan Horvat.

I did not want the conversation to end. Each participant of the project is a person, who is creating the modern history of Ukraine: doctors, who saved our wounded soldiers near Debaltseve and Ilovaysk… Soldiers, who fought in Debaltseve, Ilovaysk, Savur Mohyla… Soldiers that defended the Donetsk airport… They survived captivity and heavy wounds… One of the soldiers was among the prisoners who were exchanged in December last year…

Each participant in the project has his own story worthy of great respect, gratitude and pride for our country, which has such sons and daughters.
WE THANK YOU!" – Nepop Liuba wrote on her page

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