Today Ukraine prays to its Intercessor

Today Ukraine celebrates a special day – Intercession of the Holy Virgin. The origin of the holiday is associated with the year 903 when the Saracen army attacked Byzantium and sieged Constantinople. The city was in a quandary. During one of the worship services in a church, people prayed for the intercession of the Virgin Mary, and she appeared and took off her cloak, covered all those who prayed, and together with them – the entire city. Very quickly Saracen army was destroyed. In honor of this event, the Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Intercession.

The image the Intercession has always been a symbol of Ukraine, because it was the most respected with the Ukrainian champions of liberty – Cossacks. They swore allegiance to the image of Intercession, they were blessed with the image of Intercession.

Girls wait for Intercession especially impatiently, because after the Intercession the wedding season starts, which lasts until November 27. The girls who still have not found their betrothed, must pray: "Blessed Virgin, cover my little head." It should be born in mind that the Virgin Mary favors not all girls, but only those who are neat, who are not lazy and live healthy and moral lifestyle.

There is also the country lore that says that the weather on Intercession corresponds to the weather throughout the winter. If on that day snow does not cover the ground then it will not snow in November and December., welcoming all friends, sincerely hopes that St. Mary, remaining the talisman of our country, will protect it from evil. However, relying on the grace of the Holy Virgin we remember: She favors only hard working and moral suppliants …

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