Today they will repair Gagarin street

Work plan of Uzhgorod utilities April 19


– Watering of trees on Sobranetska street (until 07.00);

– Removal of branches from the territory of the "Pidzamok";

– Preparing of beds for flower planting – Bohdan Khmelnitsky sq..

– Trimming of tree heads – Hrushevsky st, 31, B. Khmelnitsky sq., tree cutting – Zahorska st., 83;

– Cleaning of parks according to the schedule;

Number of vehicles engaged – 5 units.


 Janitorial crews:

– Cleaning and sweeping of sidewalks according to the schedule;

– Cleaning of curb lines: Zahorska, Pidhradska, Kapushanska, Lehotsky streets;  

Road crew:

– Maintenance of pavement on Gagarin street.  

– Watering the streets at night (2PM-130), mechanized sweeping;  

Traffic lights repairing crew:

– Inspection and replacement of traffic light bulbs;    

Uzhgorod KPP:

– Cleaning works and digging of green areas on the Hill of Glory;

– Trimming of overgrown plants and garbage collection – "Kalwaria" cemetery;

– Funeral services;    


– Restoration of power supply circuit and replacement of bulbs: Sobranetska st., Strilnychna st.

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