Today, the train “Kharkiv-Rakhiv” arrived to Transcarpathia for the first time

Today, on December 11, a new train Kharkiv-Rakhiv, which connects the mountainous Rakhiv district with the eastern regions of Ukraine, arrived from its first trip from Kharkiv.

 The train No. 015 will be departing from Kharkiv at 18:46, and arriving to Rakhiv at 14:17. The duration of such a trip will be 19 hours 31 minutes.

The train No. 016 will be departing in the opposite direction, from Rakhiv to Kharkiv, at 15:35, and arriving at the final station at 11:16 the next day. 

The new train will be departing from Kharkiv on even dates, and in the opposite direction – on odd dates. The train has both compartment and luxury cars, and second-class seating cars. Tickets for it are already available on the site of the "Ukrzaliznytsya", the price for them starts from 347 UAH up to 1500 UAH for the luxury cars. 

Recall that the "Ukrzaliznytsya" has already assigned one additional train to Rakhiv for the period of winter holidays, from December 26 to January 9. The train No. 217/218 will be departing from Kyiv and running every other day.

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