Today the 14-th International Festival “My Native Land” starts (PROGRAM)

14th International Festival of TV and radio programs for national minorities "My Native Land" begins its work today in Uzhgorod.

 On "Tysa-1" channel main festival events will take place according to the following program:

 17.00 Opening of the XIV International Festival "My Native Land".

 Live broadcast (ranch "Gold Mountain")

 18.00 XIV International Festival "My Native Land":

 Ethno-bowler. Live (bohrach cooking contest) Also competitive programs of this and past years are broadcasted.
 An interesting event is scheduled for tomorrow, August 31. It is the festival telethon. For 12 hours on "Tysa" channel the best, specially selected competition and non-competition works will be broadcasted.   The culmination of the telethon will be showing and discussing of the film "Border" in a large studio at 19:30. Admission is free. Join the discussion!

 So tomorrow aired:

 12.00 Telethon of festival films. Live

7.12 "Do not be afraid to talk about love" (Mykolaiv RSTBC)

12.32 "Out in the open: Velyki Heyivtsi" (Transcarpathian RSTBC)

12.49 Ladislav Shidelskyy: filmed Brezhnev and Dubcek (Slovakia)

13.00 News (in Ukrainian)

13.18 "Rusyn TV magazine: Anna Porachova"

13.47 "The Road Home" (Volyn RSTBC)

14.11 "Out in the open: Shalanky – in barrel veritas" (Transcarpathian RSTBC)

14.30 Retro show: "Two banks"

14.59 Retro show: ‘Little stories from Nyzhnya Apsha"

15.14 "Stepsons" (Kherson RSTBC)

15.30 "Out in the open: Storozhnytsya – Life on the border" (Transcarpathian RSTBC)

15.44 "Utilizer" (Macedonian TV)

16.00 News (in Ukrainian)

16.18 "Housewives" (Serbia)

16.48 "Out in the open: Verkhniy Koropets" (Transcarpathian RSTBC)

17.01 Retro show: "Lindelfeld"

17.26 "Out in the open: Solovka – a place of rest" (Transcarpathian RSTBC)

17.43 Film by Yara Wojtek "We are here" (Slovakia)

19.00 News (in Ukrainian)

19.35 Film by Yara Wojtek "Border" (Slovakia)

21.17 "My Parisian Echi" (Transcarpathian RSTBC)

21.38 Film by Lenka Hashimoto "Yin and Yang" (Slovakia)

21.52 Retro show "Island Life" (Cluj)

22.03 News (in Ukrainian)

22.36 Retro show: "This I love" (Hungarian TV)

23.03 Retro show: "In the trap – the forgotten history of Roma in Kosovo"

23.29 Retro show: "Five wells and one cat" (Transcarpathian RSTBC)

The organizers tried to bring the festival to the audience, and hope this works will find response.

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