Today is Teacher’s Day: congratulations to teachers

Teacher’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine on the first Sunday of October. The holiday is officially on Sunday, October 4, but students congratulate teachers on Friday, October 2. 
The idea to celebrate Teacher’s Day appeared in the XIX century – in different countries the holiday was dedicated to outstanding teachers or historical events in the field. 
Congratulations on Teacher’s Day  
You are a teacher who, in spite of everything, considers it their duty to teach children: to pass on their experience and give them interesting and useful knowledge. You are loved and appreciated by your students because you are a real Teacher. Happy holiday to you! 
You are trusted with the most valuable there is – children, you love them and teach them the necessary knowledge. Your profession is not easy, but it is all your life and happiness. Thank you for being our teacher. Good luck to you and lots and lots of joy. Happy Teacher’s Day!  
Dear teachers! Congratulations on your professional holiday. May destiny always smile on you, give you good health and longevity. On behalf of your students, we wish that your most cherished dreams come true. Remember that without you this world will be much worse, because it is the educators who give humanity hope for further development! 

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