Today in Uzhgorod, they will be also drinking on Voloshin street (ANNOUNCEMENT)

The festival "Born in Transcarpathia" takes place in Uzhgorod this year too. It is organized by the founder and once organizer of all the wine festivals in the city (such as "Transcarpathian Beaujolais"), winemaker Oleksandr Kovacs. Therefore, he invites you to taste young wine – ten varieties of the drink born in Transcarpathia – on Voloshin street.

As we already reported, the festival and fair, organized by the city government, takes place at the same time in the basement of the "Owl Nest". The autumn wine festival was founded in Uzhgorod few years ago on the European example – the "Beaujolais Nouveau" celebrated in France in November. However it is unknown if at the municipal festival they control that the wine were young and its quality in general.

Also, nothing has been heard yet about the "French Autumn", which has been arranaged over the last few years in the city center by restaurateurs…

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