Today in Uzhgorod there will be the first free city tour

November 18, the action "Free tours of Uzhgorod.  History and Culture of the Czech Halahov district" starts, informs the

Starting from the 18th of November, every Sunday in Uzhgorod everyone can learn more about the history and architecture of their native city.

To join the event, come on Sunday to the Teatralna square. The meeting point is near the mini-statue of St. Mikolajczyk next to the footbridge. There you will see a man with a sign "Free tours of Uzhgorod." The tour begins at 14.00. It is advised to come in advance to avoid delays.

The idea of popularizing the history of the native city, opening new pages, and prerserving those already open, came to the organizers through the discussion on the necessity and method of reconstruction of the main Uzhgorod square – Narodna sq.

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