Today in Uzhgorod there will be a big concert

Today, April 16, 2013, at 18:00, in the Great Hall of the Transcarpathian Philharmonic, as part of the Second International Festival "Music Without Borders", there will be the concert of the composer, pianist, educator, Honored Artist of Ukraine, the head of the Transcarpathian National Union of Composers of Ukraine Victor Telychko.

The program includes musical premieres for a trio of flutes, voice and piano, two pianos, organ, chorus, chamber orchestra, renditions of the "Beatles" most famous songs.

The performers: soloists of the Philharmonic, flute trio – Daria Fishchenko, Oleksandra Delehan, Alyesya Fishchenko-Puley, Tetyana Tyshchenko (organ), Oleksandr Bahanych and Inga Bohovska (piano), Oleksandr Tovt (tenor), Oksana Hrynevych (flute), Ferenc Tomic (clarinet), Oleg Kravchuk (horn), Artem Kalinich (drums), Stanislav Kerechanyn (tuba), the ensemble of soloists "Harmony", the Academic Transcarpathian Folk Choir, the winner of world choral choir competition "Edelweiss" under the management of Zoltan Zhofchak, the Chamber Orchestra Transcarpathian Philharmonic.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Philharmonic.

Olga Chundak for the "Tuorinform Transcarpathia"

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