Today, in Uzhgorod, rescuers pulled out a man who had fallen into an open manhole near the Krasnodontsi (PHOTOS)

Today, at noon, the Rescue Service received from patrol police officers a report that a man had fallen into an open sewer manhole. The accident happened near the "Krasnodontsi" market on O. Blystiv street.

Having arriving at the scene, rescuers of the 14th state fire and rescue unit of Uzhgorod put into the well a retractable ladder, but the man could not cllimb it on his own. Then, the head of the fire and rescue crew Andriy Shcherba climed down to the bottom of the well, tied the victim with a rope and, together with other rescuers, pulled the man out.

Next, the victim, who turned out to be a resident of the village of Syurte of Uzhgorod district born in 1962, was taken care of by paramedics. The man was preliminarily diagnosed with a fracture of his right leg.

The cause and details of the incident are being establshed by law enforcement officers.

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Office of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region

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