Tobacco earnings ended up on the border

When two residents of one of the eastern regions of Ukraine decided to go in search of work to the Republic of Poland, they probably did not know that Transcarpathian custom officers will not allow them to get to the dreamy EU.

In order to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border our dwellers chose checkpoint ‘Tysa’. The passenger minibus ‘Reno Traffic’, which moved along ‘green corridor’ arose customs officers’ suspicion, when its owner and the passengers claimed that they travel to Poland. Such a long way seemed illogical for employees, but then they decided to conduct in-depth customs review of the car.

Inside the minibus under the side covering and in the thresholds Ukrainian migrant workers tried to hide from customs control 800 packs of cigarettes «Marlboro gold», «Chesterfield», «Glamour», «Winston» and other brands of domestic production. The total cost of identified tobacco products amounts 8273 hryvnia.

The owner of the car lost not only cigarettes on the border but also the car, the value of which, according to the preliminary estimate is 95 thousand hryvnia. Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine according to which customs officials drew up a protocol on violations of customs rules, provides the confiscation of the vehicle in the constructive cavities of which were hidden goods and objects – informs the press service of Chop customs.


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