To the Transcarpathian etrepreneurs attention: Watch out! Fraudster!

The Internal Security Department at the STS in the Transcarpathian region, the Internal Security STS Office of Ukraine informs that recently an unidentified female (aged from 40 up to 45-year), presents herself as the State Tax Service employee (in some cases – Uzhgorod MGNI Rymaruk O.I.) comes to the trade establishments (cafes, shops, gas stations) and under the various pretexts, such as the necessity to pay a fine or the tax debts, requires money and alcoholic beverages or other goods free of charge in the region.  

Therefore, we draw all the region business entities attention: if the representative of the State Tax Service come to you, first of all get acquainted with the official employee’s identification card and the necessary documents, which give him the right to make control and verification measures in your facility.

If you have any doubts about the State Tax Service employee actions’ legality, please contact us immediately by the number (0312) 61-51-67 or by the address: Uzhgorod, Voloshyna Street, 52, office 32.

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