To get Transcarpathia “sausaged” (PHOTOS)

Earlier this week, the Expert Council of "Leader of the Year" annual rating, which includes representatives of most Transcarpathian media, toured one of the farm enterprises of Mukachevo district. The company was founded last year and has ambitious goals. 60-70% of sausages in our region are imported. The farm launched modern meat processing company and aimed to change the situation in this niche in favor of local producers.

Head of the company Vitaliy Kalynych held a "tour" for the Expert Council members, showed how different sausages, rolls, smoked products are produced, and told about the main directions on Transcarpathian market.

The company was built from the ground up and immediately introduced the latest European approaches to the organization of labor, and sanitary requirements. All workers are in overalls, and pass to their working place through the machine that disinfects hands and shoes, the production cycle is formed so that raw meat is not in contact with the finished product. Each piece of salami, ham, sausage – the whole range is immediately packed in a protective shell.

Currently, production capacity reaches about 50 tons per month. Its products are sold in four stores in Mukachevo, two in Uzhgorod , one in Berehovo. The company also cooperates with small shops and supermarket chains. However, they still count on the development of own network of retail outlets: the immediate plans involve opening of than 25 outlets throughout Transcarpathia. Three own brands have been registered.   The main focus is made on product quality and approach to the traditional Transcarpathian home recipes. 5 experts, often also the director, arrange sample tasting daily.

The only restriction is that there is not enough raw materials in the region, so meat is currently bought mostly in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

The company has 52 employees from several surrounding villages, the average salary in the production shops is 1,8-2 thousand hryvnnias which over time is to be supplemented with attractive benefits. 


In short, the journalists were convinced that in the current time of crisis new businesses may rise in Transcarpathia and people see the prospect of development. It should be reminded that selection of nominees for the title of "Leader of the Year" is still on-going, and the 11th annual awards ceremony is scheduled for the beginning of 2013.   

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