Tickets for the match with ‘Shakhtar’ will be sold in the ticket office of Uzhgorod stadium ‘Avangard’

In the ticket office of Uzhhorod stadium ‘Avangard’ will be sold tickets for the match with ‘Shakhtar’ from July 14. The price of tickets will be: at the western tribune – 40 hryvnia, Eastern – 30 hryvnia, South and North – 20 hryvnia.

Pupils, students, servicemen, veterans of the sport, disabled of the first and second groups should contact the club office and have some relevant documents in order to get preferential tickets.

Also subscriptions will be available from July 9, that are realized in the western sector number 5 and VIP-sector. The price of subscription to 5-th sector is 350 hryvnia and at VIP – sector (4-8 lines) is 800 hryvnia. The car owners who purchase subscription in the VIP-sector will have an opportunity to use parking.

Information Department of FT ‘Hoverla’

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