Three groups of illegal migrants and their guides were arrested by a group of border guards and the National Police of Transcarpathia

Thanks to joint efforts, the border guards of the Chop detachment and officers of the National Police of Transcarpathian region managed to detain twelve illegal migrants, as well as their guides.

Yesterday at noon, while carrying out preventive measures "Migrant", the operational units of the National Police sent the border guards of the "Velyky Berezny" department the information on the movement of illegal migrants from the city of Svalyava towards the city of Perechyn in Transcarpathia.

In order to check the information and prevent illegal crossing of the state border, the border guards immediately sent there a response team and, together with the National Police, deployed additional patrols on the access roads to the border.

In two hours, a joint interagency group consisting of border guards of the "Velyky Berezny" department, officers of the National and the Patrol Police detained on the western outskirts of the village of Turya Pasika four Ukrainians and five illegal immigrants without documents. They were moving in four cars with Ukrainian registration.

In the course of further activities, in the forest area on the outskirts of the village of Olenevo in Svalyava district, a joint search group of border guards and special forces "KORD" detained four more foreigners who also had no documents on them. They were detected with the help of a sniffer dog.

Half an hour later, 1.5 kilometers from the place of detention of the previous group, law enforcers managed to detain three more illegal migrants.

All the detained foreigners said that they were Bangladesh citizens. Together with the guides, they were taken to the Perechyn district department of the National Police of Transcarpathian region in order to carry out verification activities.

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