Three cars and 2,369 packs of cigarettes will “take a rest” at the Transcarpathian customs office warehouses (PHOTOS)

Over the past 24 hours, the attempted illegal export of tobacco products from Ukraine was prevented at the customs posts "Dyakovo" and "Uzhgorod" of the Transcarpathian customs office, the SFS in Transcarpathian region informs.

In particular, yesterday, two foreigners driving a "Peugeot 406" and a "Volkswagen Passat tried to carry cigarettes to the EU through the customs post "Dyakovo" by choosing the "green corridor" lane. In both cases, a Hungarian and a Romanian orally stated that they were not carrying any goods and items hidden from customs control, or those that are banned for export from Ukraine.

However, during the in-depth customs inspection of the vehicles, the customs officers found cigarettes "Rotmans" with excise stamps of Ukraine, undeclared during the oral questioning and hidden from customs control. In one case, the cigarettes were hidden in the fuel tank of the car, in the other one – in the double bottom of the luggage compartment.

Also today, our compatriot heading to Italy by a car "Citroën Jumper", who had chosen the "green corridor" at the customs post "Uzhgorod", caught the attention of customs officials. During the oral questioning, the man denied carrying any goods prohibited or restricted for trasportation across the customs border of Ukraine.

Given the results of the risk analysis, the vehicle was transferred from the "green corridor" to the "red corridor" for an in-depth inspection.

During the in-depth inspection of the vehicle, the suspicions of the customs officers were confirmed: they found hidden tobacco products of different brands with excise stamps Ukraine, including "Chesterfield blue", "Bond Street", "Marlboro Gold", "Pryluky Classic", etc. The cigarettes were hidden in the fuel tank of the vehicle.

Based on Article 511 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, the reports were made, under which the three aforementioned cars worth more than UAH 232.6 thousand and the 2,369 packs of cigarettes the value of which amounted to UAH 46 thousand were seized until the court ruling.



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