Thousands of tulips are blooming in Uzhgorod: the city has become a flower paradise (PHOTOS)

No city in Ukraine looks like Uzhgorod in spring. Or, maybe, that’s just what Uzhgorod residents, who are fond of their hometown, think. However, the photos are truly impressive. 
Without exaggeration, the city is changing: now Uzhgorod is notable not only for sakura and magnolia trees, but also numerous flower beds with tulips. About 20,000 tulips have been planted in Uzhgorod recently.
Uzhgorod residents are taking pictures of the tulips and sharing them as they do with the sakura photos.
This is truly incredible. It is a pity that due to the quarantine it is not advisable to admire their beauty outside.
So, see the photos, they were taken especially for you! 

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